Sweet-sour strawberries in bottle.

SMÅ SURE Strawberry is a brand new and sour shot with a fresh taste of sun-ripened strawberries. It is made on a base of vodka added carefully selected ingredients to achieve the perfect balance between sweetness and tangy flavor.

The taste of strawberries is incredibly popular and with the acidic twist we have a brand new trend, which has already been incredibly popular. SMÅ SURE Strawberry has a pleasant, very fresh and wel- coming taste, where sour gives an extra touch.

Sour Strawberry

SMÅ is available in many different flavours allowing everyone to enjoy their absolute favourite. SMÅ comes in a variety of sizes. 5 flavors are also available in the SMÅ Party-Pack.

With a low alcohol content of 16.4%, the flavors are enhanced and ensures that each experience lasts longer. SMÅ tastes best when it is cold, so do not forget to place your favorite in the fridge before the festivities begin.