A shot with a soft combination of liquorice and pomegranate.

Små Grønne is a shot of vodka made with an exciting combination of licorice and pomegranate. Små Grønne is added real pomegranate juice that makes the taste both gentle and intense.

It is a unique shot with a great taste experience that can be enjoyed by all. Enjoy Små Grønne accompanying beer or drinks. Drink at room temperature or cold in a shot glass.

Pomegranate Liquorice

SMÅ is available in many different flavours allowing everyone to enjoy their absolute favourite. SMÅ comes in a variety of sizes. 5 flavors are also available in the SMÅ Party-Pack.

With a low alcohol content of 16.4%, the flavors are enhanced and ensures that each experience lasts longer. SMÅ tastes best when it is cold, so do not forget to place your favorite in the fridge before the festivities begin.